A Multimodal Tomography System Based on ECT Sensors

Abstract: A new noninvasive system for multimodal electrical tomography based on electrical capacitance tomography (ECT) sensor hardware is proposed. Quasistatic electromagnetic fields are produced by ECT sensors and used for interrogating the sensing domain. The new system is noninvasive and based on capacitance measurements for permittivity and power balance measurements for conductivity (impedance) imaging. A dual sensitivity map of perturbations in permittivity and conductivity is constructed. The measured data along with the sensitivity matrix are used for the actual image reconstruction. The new multimodal tomography system has the advantage of using already established reconstruction techniques, and the potential for combination with new reconstruction techniques by taking advantage of combined conductivity/permittivity data. Moreover, it does not require direct contact between the sensor and the region of interest. The system performance has been tested on representative data, producing good results.

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