About Us

Tech4Imaging® LLC , a spin-off company from The Ohio State University, is directed towards the development and commercialization of imaging technologies, targeting industrial and medical applications. Since its establishment in September 2007, Tech4Imaging has successfully completed several industrial projects, assisting researchers and engineers in viewing processes previously considered inaccessible.

Tech4Imaging® LLC has developed acquisition hardware, sensors, and reconstruction software packages for its commercial Electrical Capacitance Volume Tomography (ECVT) imaging system. Industrial process visualization, combustion volume imaging, and multi-phase flow measurements and imaging are some of ECVT’s applications. ECVT technology is capable of visualizing various industrial processes in a non-invasive manner. Our company provides consultation services concerning the application of different imaging modalities and conducts necessary quantitative and qualitative analysis of acquired signals.

Tech4Imaging® LLC is led by world renowned scientists with interdisciplinary backgrounds such as imaging technologies, reconstruction algorithms, particle technologies, multiphase flows, and reaction engineering. Tech4Imaging LLC is acclaimed for the invention and development of the ECVT system. Tech4Imaging LLC holds exclusive international patent rights for the ECVT system, including 3-D sensor design and image reconstruction. Contact us today for a free consultation!

Electrical Capacitance Tomography (ECT): ECT is a technology used to obtain an image through the reconstruction of electrical signals acquired from a capacitance sensor. Although the term refers to different variations of obtaining images, it is mostly used to refer to ECT technology in its 2-D imaging form.

3D Electrical Capacitance Tomography (3D ECT): 3-D ECT is three dimensional imaging based on electrical capacitance sensors. The term is mostly used to refer to quasi-3D imaging that is established from developing a 2-D image by stacking slice images of an object at different locations and using image processing to create a 3D representation. A limitation of this mechanism yields low resolution 3D images. It also requires the sensor to be of a length proportional to the circumference of the slice being imaged to be able to generate a stable signal.

Electrical Capacitance Volume Tomography (ECVT): ECVT is a recently developed technology providing 3-D volume images from capacitance sensors. This unique approach reveals 3-D features in the sensor previously undetected by traditional ECT. ECVT technology enables direct 3-D imaging, rendering more accurate 3-D representations and flexible sensor designs to fit virtually around any shape. Moreover, ECVT technology allows layering of sensor plates, overcoming the problem of limitation on the number of plates used in ECT.

Tech4Imaging, LLC is commercializing its ECVT technology. Navigate the website further to know more about our system and services and how to acquire them!