Core Values


Our highest goal is to act with honesty and integrity without ever compromising the truth. Principle before profits is what defines us as a Company.


It is the mission of Tech4Imaging to be the industry leader for noninvasive imaging and nondestructive testing. Our Company sets the standard not only for the design and quality of products, but serves as a model for ethical and moral industry practices in all aspects of our business.


At Tech4Imaging, we dare to go down new roads and face new challenges. We continually learn and grow by trying the impossible and always see success past failure.


At our core, we are an innovation Company who believes in new creative ideas that create value and change the world. We don’t run from change; we run to it.


We have an unwavering commitment to our customers, our colleagues, and our community. Our Company believes in a Win-Win approach for everyone, every time.


Our Company believes in an open and diverse workplace where every team member’s contribution is heard and investigated. We also believe in working with all partners who want to engage in meaningful and authentic work with a shared and common goal.


Our company believes that we have a responsibility to make a real and lasting contribution to society. Without this obligation, our work would be meaningless.