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Non-Invasive. Non-Destructive. 3D Imaging.

Electrical Capacitance Volume Tomography (ECVT) allows us to re-create a digital 3D model of whatever materials happen to be within the sensing region of our sensors without inserting any kind of probes or diverting material flow through any alternative piping systems.

Diverse Material Applications

Traditional capacitance sensing technologies do not work with conductive or polar materials such as water. Our patented 4RD ECVT system works with a wide variety of dielectric materials from air to oil to water and can image materials in any phase – solid, liquid, or gas.

How does this work?

Tech4Imaging’s patented ECVT system uses sensors designed with multiple conductive plates arranged around the surface we want to image. Each of these individual plates can be paired with another plate to create a “plate pair” or a “channel”. Each plate pair consists of one excite plate and one receive plate. The excite plate emits a signal to excite the space between the plates. The space in between changes the signal as it passes through. Exactly how that signal is changed depends on what material or combination of materials is between the plates. The receive plate then reads the new signal that has been modified by traveling through the materials. By analyzing the difference between the original and modified signals, we can determine what is between those two plates. If we combine hundreds of these channels together, we can create an entire 3D image of an object or volume.

Advanced Data Analytics

Although ECVT is traditionally an imaging technology for reconstructing only two materials at a time, we couldn’t stop there! Through rigorous research, development, testing, and design, we have expanded ECVT technology to include many more capabilities.

3D Velocimetry

3D vector profiles can allow powerful insight into important flow properties.

Volume Fraction

Know how much of each phase is in your process in real time.

Interactive 3D Models

Rotate, cut, slice, zoom, and explore your process like never before.

Expert Customization

To experience the power of this new and wonderful technology, please contact us to tell us about your problem and we will work side by side with you to develop a fully integrated ECVT solution.

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