Experimental Solutions

By the very nature of the problem, three phase flows are much more complicated than two phase flows. However, three phase flows exist just as much in research and industry if not more than two phase flows. Tech4Imaging recognizes this need to understand and see what is going on inside these highly complex systems, and we offer solutions for specific three phase systems on a case by case basis.

Successful Applications

Slurry Bubble Column

Trickle Bed

Liquid-Liquid-Gas Flow


Multiphase Flow Imaging ECVT senser

How It Works

Using nothing more than our capacitance sensors we are able to decipher a three phase system into three separate images with each image representing the volume fraction and distribution of an individual phase similar to 2 phase ECVT. This is possible by exploiting multiple dimensions of measurement in the electrical signal including frequency response, displacement current phase, and volumetric measurements rather than solely cross-sectional.

Free Expert Consultation

Innovation and ECVT are at the core of Tech4Imaging. Because we one hundred percent own our proprietary capacitance technology, we have full freedom to tinker and develop ECVT into useful products and solutions for academia and industry alike. The engineers at Tech4Imaging are intimate with every aspect of the technology allowing for rapid adaptation for laser targeted applications. From extreme environments with high temperatures, pressures, and corrosion to sensitive lab instrumentation, we will work with you closely to find the perfect solution to your problem. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation with one of our expert engineers.

Project Flow

Our multiphase flow sensors are custom solutions adapted to solve your unique problem in multi-phase systems. To ensure the highest quality of engineering service and state of the art performance of your final solution, our team of highly experienced engineers and sales managers will guide you step by step through the customization process from concept to application.

“Our legacy is in the success of our customers and in the benefit that we give society at large. ”

Qussai Marashdeh, PhD, MBA | CEO and Founder