Introducing the 4Solids™ Gravity Drop Flow Meter, your top-tier solution for bulk solids flow measurement. Our cutting-edge technology ensures precise and reliable mass flow measurements of dry solids in free fall applications.

Different solids exhibit distinct electrical properties that interact with the electric field emitted by the capacitance sensor integrated into our solids mass flow meter. This non-invasive measurement of signal enables us to deliver accurate and gravimetric flow rate measurements.

In the gravity drop application, our capacitance-based bulk solids flow meter boasts a sophisticated system comprising a sensor, a data acquisition system (DAS), and a signal cable harness. This clamp-on solids flow meter ensures seamless connection between the DAS and the sensor. The DAS detects changes in the electrical signal and translates it into an accurate mass flow rate when calibrated.

Our state-of-the-art flow meter provides precise measurements to help you assess, optimize, and control your bulk solids flow. Trust in the reliability of the 4Solids™ Gravity Drop Flow Meter for all your dry solids flow metering needs.


– Bulk Solids Mass Flow Rate
– Volume Fraction


– Real time mass flow rate
– Non-invasive
– Scalable to fit any pipe diameter
– Safe and radiation free
– Seamless installation and low maintenance
– Operates virtually in any environment


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Qussai Marashdeh, PhD, MBA | CEO and Founder