Who We Are

Tech4Imaging is the world’s leading developer of non-invasive imaging technology for commercial and industrial use. We specialize in developing instrumentation that equips you with the knowledge and information required to optimize and automate your processes. At Tech4Imaging, we pride ourselves in our ability to deliver advanced sensing solutions to unique and extreme industrial conditions which often render standard instrumentation inoperable, inaccurate, or entirely unfeasible.

How do we do this? The secret is in our proprietary capacitance based imaging technology and in our core company values. Electrical Capacitance Volume Tomography (ECVT) was developed entirely by engineers at Tech4Imaging and key research partners at The Ohio State University (OSU) in an interdisciplinary effort to shine light on the many problems faced in academia and industry in complex multiphase flows. Tech4Imaging holds over 20 issued and pending patents and has published over 50 related peer reviewed journal publications. As we continue to develop and commercialize new products, our core values guide us continually to ensure that our partnerships and collaborations are built on strong foundations.

Qussai Marashdeh - Tech4 Founder

Our Values

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Our highest goal is to act with honesty and integrity without ever compromising the truth. Principle before profits is what defines us as a company.

The mission of Tech4Imaging is to be the industry leader for non-invasive imaging and non-destructive testing and measurement. Our company sets the standard not only for the design and quality of products, but serves as a model for ethical and moral industry practices in all aspects of our business.

At Tech4Imaging, we dare to go down new roads and challenges. We continually learn and grow by trying the impossible and always see success past failure.

At our core, we are an innovation company who believes in new creative ideas that create value and change the world for the better. We don’t run from change; we run toward it.

We have an unwavering commitment to our customers, our colleagues, and our community. Our company believes in a win-win approach for everyone, every time.

Our company believes in an open and diverse workplace where every team member’s contribution is heard and investigated. We also believe in working with all partners who want to engage in meaningful and authentic work with a shared and common goal.

Our company believes that we have a responsibility to make a real and lasting contribution to society. Without this obligation, our work would be meaningless.

Our History

Established in 2007, Tech4Imaging was built on the never-ending curiosity and passion to understand and address challenging problems. Dr. Qussai Marashdeh, who completed his doctorate in electrical engineering and master’s in business administration at OSU, and Dr. Liang-Shih Fan, world renowned professor in chemical engineering and Distinguished University Professor at OSU, are co-founders of Tech4Imaging. Dr. Marashdeh now leads the company as CEO. Their mission upon founding the company was to solve existing problems through innovative technology. Our slogan, “Creating Value Through Innovation”, captures this initiative.

Tech4Imaging’s foundational technology, ECVT, was born of a highly interdisciplinary effort to solve complex multiphase problems in chemical and process engineering by utilizing electrical engineering solutions. The company continues to expand on this interdisciplinary approach, employing experts in chemical, electrical, mechanical, software, medical, and materials science fields to ensure the optimal solution is always achieved.

We are Tech4Imaging. We create value through Innovation.

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“Our legacy is in the success of our customers and in the benefit that we give society at large.”

Qussai Marashdeh, PhD, MBA | CEO and Founder